Writing code is much easier than reading and understanding an existing codebase.

It’s an overwhelming process and your brain usually gets heated after looking at it.

Here’s are a few things that I use to help me in some way:

1. Don’t jump here and there

This is the very first and important thing but hard…

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

This is your life.

Your’s only.

Learn from others. Learn with others but don’t mimic them.

You have a different angle to the story, share that.

What may be working for them, will not work for you.

Don’t execute exactly what they’re doing and telling you to do.

Execute and…

I remember when I just started my machine learning journey, I was overwhelmed a lot. Lots of technical jargon. Some are digestible, some are completely going above my head.

If you’re a beginner, I can feel you. This is the new series I’m rolling out to explain some of the…

A guide for understanding Convolutional neural network

Fig 1: The Four Superheroes of Deep Learning, Source: bit.ly/2Re5HNE

In today’s world, we are making extensive use of images. Isn’t it? Have you ever wonder how Facebook automatically detects faces in an image and then tells who is in the image like it did in the above figure. When I move the pointer near to one of the faces…

Rishabh garg

Machine Learning Practitioner and life long learner. Twitter: @rishabh_grg

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